Meet Lily

At Praktis Allied Health, we understand the transformative power of experience. Our occupational therapy graduate program is designed to shape your career path from the ground up.


Meet Lily, a UniSA alumni who commenced her journey with us when she completed a final year practical placement at Praktis Allied Health.

“I felt like it was a very immersive placement. I loved the experience that the senior OTs at Praktis had, I was getting insight into a whole range of different areas of OT. I loved the flexibility of the working hours. Being able to work from home even as a student was amazing.”

Upon completing the 13-week program, Lily was offered a full-time position at Praktis.

“I finished placement on Friday and I started work as an Allied Health Assistant on Monday, and then moved on to the OT role once my registration came through.”

At Praktis, we value ongoing training and development. We prioritise learning to maintain the highest standards of support and care for both our clients and our team. Lily has valued this continuous access to both formal and informal training and guidance.

“You get a lot of one-on-one time with supervisors to talk through things. I think one of the main skills I have developed is the confidence to come into a situation and know that if you don’t have all the answers, that’s okay. Your role as an OT is to work through with the client and find the answers with them, not for them.”
We understand that flexibility is an important, effective way to foster a healthy work-life balance. At Praktis, we trust and respect our team and one of the ways that we show this is by empowering them to work independently. Lily has reflected on this:

“I’ve really loved my new grad experience here. I think the autonomy that I’ve been given working at Praktis Allied Health has given me a lot of confidence and self-esteem, and understanding of the boundaries of my role as an OT, and being able to describe that to people and give them insight into our role.”

For Lily, a typical day involves seeing three to five clients, “I visit them at home, or in hospital and in residential facilities. And then there is some downtime in the office where I’m doing report writing, making phone calls, following up things for clients.”

Join us at Praktis Allied Health, where growth, mentorship and discovery are the cornerstones of your occupational therapy journey. Lily shares, "It’s really important to keep the curiosity going and fuel my love of learning." Your curiosity is what fuels us too.